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Overview heart muscle (Textus muscularis striatus cardiacus):
Pages with explanations are linked to the text below the images if available! (Labelling is in German)
heart muscle cell +
capillary (rat)
intercalated disk (rat) T- tubules, L tubules + myofibrils (rat) intercalated disk, beta-
glycogen granules (monkey)
overview of an intercalated
disk (monkey)
detail of an intercalated
disk (monkey)
muscle filaments in longi-
tudinal section (monkey)
 cross-section of an inter-
calatd disk (monkey)
detail of similar view
cross-section of muscle
filaments 1 (monkey)
cross-section of muscle
filaments 2 (monkey) 
cross-sectioned overview
with capillaries (monkey)
oblique section
exact longitudinal section
myofibrils and
mitochondria (monkey)
cell organelles including
multivesicular body (rat)
caveolae, basement-
membrane (rat)
The complex intercellular junctions (Terminologia histologica: Junctiones intercellulares speciales) connecting heart muscle cells consist of interdigitations plus adhesive strips (Fasciae adhaerentes), spot desmosomes (Terminologia histologica: Maculae adhaerentes) and gap-junctions (Terminologia histologica: Maculae communicantes, Nexus).

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