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Overview smooth endoplasmic reticulum (SER):
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Detail of SER ultra high magnification
of SER (rat)
SER in 2 neighbouring
Clara cells (rat)
SER in a rat
Detail thereof SER and RER
in a liver cell (rat)
SER & RER, Clara cell
bronchiole (rat)
SER Leydig cell
testis (rat) 1
SER Leydig cell
Testis (rat) 2
SER in a cell of the
adrenal cortex (rat)
membranes outer segment rod,
+ pigment epithelium SER (monkey)
idem Detail, Stäb-
chen (Ratte)
SER (human)
Detail1 thereof
Detail2: SER
SER as L- Tubuli, Heart-
muscle cell (Rat)
SER of a cell of an
eye muscle (monkey)
SER of a liver cell
SER as L- Tubuli of skeletal
muscle 1 (Ratte)
SER as L- Tubuli 2
SER as L- Tubuli 3
SER in supporting cells,
olfactroy epithelium (rat)
The agranular or smooth endoplasmic reticulum (SER; Terminologia histologica: Reticulum endoplasmicum nongranulosum) is a complex three-dimensional network of membranous tubules.
Its paired membranes have a distance of 20-50 nm, and in contrast to RER, lack ribosomes. SER is encountered less often than RER.
Steroid producing cells possess larger amounts of SER, e.g. adrenal gland, Leydig's cells in the testis or hormone producing cells in the ovary, furthermore SER is typical for pigment epithelium of the retina.
SER is responsible for synthesis of fatty acids and phospholipids. In hepatocytes glucuronidation of many substances is performed here.
SER forms small spherical vesicles that transport phospholipids to membranes.
In skeletal and heartmuscle cells SER serves as important storage space for calcium ions. Here SER is also called sarcoplasmic reticulum (Terminologia histologica: Reticulum sarcoplasmicum) or L-tubular system.
A continuity of smooth into rough ER is may be seen in cells of the liver.

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