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Overview periphral nerve tissue (Nervi peripherici):
Pages with explanations are linked to the text below the images if available! (Labelling is in German)
myelinated and non-my-
elinated axons (monkey)
myelinated nerve fibre +
Schwann cell (monkey)
inner + outer mesaxon on
myelin sheath (monkey)
detail 1: inner mes-
axon (monkey)
detail 2: outer
mesaxon (monkey)
myelin sheath of a fibre in vestibulo-
cochlear nerve (guinea pig)
node of Ranvier in cross-
section (monkey)
node of Ranvier in longi-
tudinal section (monkey)
idem + Schmidt-Lanter-
man incisure (monkey)
node of Ranvier in longi-
tudinal detail (monkey)
node of Ranvier
1 (rat)
node of Ranvier
2 (rat)
myelinated nerve fibre
Schwann cell 1 (rat)
myelinated nerve fibre
+ Schwann cell 2 (rat)
human myelinated
nerve fibre
noradrenergic innervation of
a smooth muscle cell (rat)
Schmidt-Lanterman's incisure
in longitudinal section (monkey)
non-myelinated nerve of Tela
submucosa, stomach (rat)
non-myelinated nerve
fibres (rat)
non-myelinated nerve fibres in a
Schwann cell, colon (rat)
ureter, Tunica adventitia: loose connec-
tive tissue + non myelinated nerve (pig)
non-myelinated nerve in con-
nective tissue, parotid gland (rat)
Plexus myentericus,
ganglion cell (rat)
part of the nervus
vagus (rat)
detail thereof: mainly
non-myelinated fibres
epineurium of the nervus vagus
in the adventitia of esophagus (rat)
epineurium vagus
nerve (rat)
non meylinated nerves of the
Plexus submucosus (rat)
detail thereof in L.
propria mucosae

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