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I have made every attempt to label structures correctly according to the anatomical nomenclature, however I cannot exclude
mistakes andreject any liability for eventual errors or incompleteness. Linked pages partly available only in German
opthalmoscopic image of a normal optic nerve papilla of the rigt eye
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upper temporal
- lower nasal
ACR = Arteria centralis retinae (branching point); Amr = Arteriola medialis retinae; Anri = Arteriola nasalis retinae inferior;
Anrs = Arteriola nasalis retinae superioris; Atri = Arteriola temporalis retinae inferioris; Atrs = Arteriola temporalis retinae superioris;
AVmi = Arteriola et Venola macularis inferior; AVms = Arteriola et Venola macularis superior;
D = Discus nervi optici (= Papilla nervi optici = optic nerve papilla = "blind spot"); LD = Limbus disci nervi optici (bordering wall of the papilla);
M = Macula lutea ("yellow spot" = Fovea centralis; spot of highest visual acuity on which only cones are present);
P = Pars optica retinae ("viewing part" of the retinal); VCR = Vena centralis retinae (branching point); Vmr = Venola medialis retinae;
Vnri = Venola nasalis retinae inferior; Vnrs = Venola nasalis retinae superioris; Vtri = Venola temporalis retinae inferioris;
Vtrs = Venola temporalis retinae superioris.

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The image was kindly provided by Dr. med. O. Schwenn, university eye clinic Mainz at that time, page & copyright H. Jastrow.