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I have made every attempt to label structures correctly according to the anatomical nomenclature, however I cannot exclude
mistakes andreject any liability for eventual errors or incompleteness. Linked pages partly available only in German
opthalmoscopic image of an entire normal human retina of the rigt eye
(For higher resolution [774 KB] click here, please !)
upper temporal
- lower nasal
Amr = Arteriola medialis retinae; Anri = Arteriola nasalis retinae inferior; Anrs = Arteriola nasalis retinae superioris;
Atri = Arteriola temporalis retinae inferioris; Atrs = Arteriola temporalis retinae superioris;
AVmi = Arteriola et Venola macularis inferior; AVms = Arteriola et Venola macularis superior;
D = Discus nervi optici (= Papilla nervi optici = optic nerve papilla = "blind spot"); LD = Limbus disci nervi optici (bordering wall of the papilla);
M = Macula lutea ("yellow spot" = Fovea centralis; spot of highest visual acuity on which only cones are present);
P = Pars optica retinae ("viewing part" of the retinal); Pi = area with higher pigmentation in peripheral part of the retina;
Vmr = Venola medialis retinae; Vnri = Venola nasalis retinae inferior; Vnrs = Venola nasalis retinae superioris;
Vtri = Venola temporalis retinae inferioris; Vtrs = Venola temporalis retinae superioris.

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The image was kindly provided by Dr. med. O. Schwenn, university eye clinic Mainz at that time, page & copyright H. Jastrow.