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Acinar lumen and junctional complex of rat pancreas
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Cri = Crista mitochondrialis; if = Filamenta intermedia (intermediate filaments);
L = acinar lumen (contains alcalic pancreas secretions with inactive proenzymes);
Lys = Lysosoma secundarium (heterolysosome); Mi = Mitochondrion (Crista-Typ);
Ma = Macula adhaerens (Desmosome); Mm = Membrana mitochondrialis;
Mv = microvilli; P = Plasmalemma (cell membrane);
RER = rough endoplasmic reticulum (location of protein synthesis);
Spi = Spatium intercellulare (intercellular space);
Vs = Vesicula secretoria (secretion vesicles containing zymogen [inactive enzymes]);
Za = Zonula adhaerens (belt desmosome of a junctional complex between 2 adjacent epithelial cells;
Zo = Zonula occludens (Tight-Junction).

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