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I have made every attempt to label structures correctly according to the anatomical nomenclature, however I cannot exclude
mistakes andreject any liability for eventual errors or incompleteness. Linked pages partly available only in German
photo of almost normal permanent teeth (Dentes permanentes) of an adult in frontal view
upper right  teeth are in occusion  (For higher resolution [774 KB] click here, please !)
- lower left
permanent teeth (dentes permanentes) of the maxilla (upper teeth):
11 = Dens incisivus medialis dexter superior (right upper medial incisor);
12 = Dens incisivus lateralis dexter superior (right upper lateral incisor);
13 = Dens caninus dexter superior (right upper canine tooth);
14 = Dens praemolaris I dexter superior (right upper anterior premolar);
15 = Dens praemolaris II dexter superior (right upper posterior premolar);
16 = Dens molaris I dexter superior (right upper molar);
21 = Dens incisivus medialis sinister superior (left upper medial incisor);
22 = Dens incisivus lateralis sinister superior (left upper lateral incisor);
23 = Dens caninus sinister superior (left upper canine tooth);
24 = Dens praemolaris I sinister superior (left upper anterior premolar);
25 = Dens praemolaris II sinister superior (left upper posterior premolar);
26 = Dens molaris I sinister superior (left upper anterior molar);
27 = Dens molaris II sinister superior (left upper second molar);
28 = Dens molaris III sinister superior (left upper third molar);
permanent teeth (Dentes permanentes) of the mandibula (lower teeth)
31 = Dens incisivus medialis sinister inferior (left lower medial incisor);
32 = Dens incisivus lateralis sinister inferior (left lower lateral incisor);
33 = Dens caninus sinister inferior (left lower canine tooth);
34 = Dens praemolaris I sinister inferior (left lower premolar);
35 = Dens praemolaris II sinister inferior (left lower premolar);
36 = Dens molaris I sinister inferior (left lower anterior premolar);
37 = Dens molaris II sinister inferior (left lower posterior premolar);
41 = Dens incisivus medialis dexter inferior (rechter lower medial incisor);
42 = Dens incisivus lateralis dexter inferior (rechter lower lateral incisor);
43 = Dens caninus dexter inferior (right lower canine tooth);
44 = Dens praemolaris I dexter inferior (right lower anterior premolar);
45 = Dens praemolaris II dexter inferior (right lower posterior premolar);
46 = Dens molaris I dexter inferior (right lower anterior molar);
47 = Dens molaris II dexter inferior (right lower second molar);
F = Frenulum labii superioris (upper frenulum on labia); GL = Gingiva libera (free gingiva);
GF = Gingiva fixa (gingiva fixed to the bone); J = Jugae alveolariae (bone coat around the roots of the theeth covered by gingiva);
LMG = Linea mucogingivalis (bordering line between gingiva and the mucosa of the oral cavity); M = Mucosa cavitatis oris (mucosa of the oral cavity);
P = Papilla gingivalis (gingival papilla covers the interdental space oriented towards the bone);
* = prothetic dental crown; # = small damage of the enamelum.

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