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I have made every attempt to label structures correctly according to the anatomical nomenclature, however I cannot exclude
mistakes andreject any liability for eventual errors or incompleteness. Linked pages partly available only in German
Laryngoscopic view of normal vocal plicae (Plicae vocales) of an intubated patient
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posterior lateral
- anterior lateral
Ca = Commissura anterior laryngis (anterior commissure of the vocal plicae);
Lv = Ligamentum vocale (vocal cord); Mt = Mucosa tracheae (tracheal mucosa);
Pve = Plica vestibularis (vestibular fault); Pvo = Plica vocalis (vocal plica);
Rg = Rima glottidis, pars intermembranacea (glottic space); T = Tubus; Vel = Ventriculus laryngis;
VL = Vestibulum laryngis (entrance into the larynx); * slight submucosal bleeding.

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